laminated floorings

Today, the SKEMA Living laminate flooring family improve the performance limits, offering solutions even more articulated in thickness, dimensions, traffic resistance (AC4-AC5-AC6) and water resistance (Hydro 24 hours). But also decors in plank, herringbone and tile as never before showed to the market, with synchronized design, protected bevel and even simpler and safer installation systems. Without forgetting that Living SKEMA's laminate is MADE OF WOOD.
Living floorings are practical and do not require a special maintenance. They can be laid over an existing flooring, avoiding important construction interventions and sparing on time and costs of labour. Easy to lay and full of qualities.  

We propose a range full of decors that are split into different surface finishings and measurements, that enhance the visual and tactile features of every flooring. A collection of many accessories completes the range for having a coordinated installation.
A collection suitable not only for any living needs but also for high traffic commercial and public environments. 


FORMAT: 2052x248x10 mm


K-Uno Hydro, is the evolution of one of the SKEMA's classic and most popular products: K-Uno. It maintain the large size, increasing the thickness (2052x248x10mm) and the surface is equipped with syncropore, to continue to be one of the most realistic laminate floors. Produced with the most modern technologies it becomes hydro-protected for 24 hours: the micro-bevelling, protected with special processes to make it Hydro, is on the 4 sides. K-Uno Hydro is equipped with TLS-PLUS interlocking system.


FORMAT: 2052x220x8 mm


Six new wood-effect decors are introduced today to complete the existing four and renovate the Skema laminate flooring with big plank size (2052x220 mm), characterized for being antistatic, fitted with the precise and strong TLS PLUS locking system, beveled on the four sides and with a natural effect thanks to the syncropore technology.

FORMATS: 1182x293x8 mm; 1184x293x8 mm; 1183x601x8 mm

Syncro Parquet acquires the new Hydro characteristics and changes its name to Syncro Parquet Hydro. This laminate allows you to rediscover the elegance of the past of the Herringbone pattern, with a practical and fast installation, it is proposed in the classic Herringbone version and in the Hungarian Chevron one, with inclined cut. Today it is enriched with three new decors that join the existing ones, it has a thickness of 8 mm and maintain the PLS interlocking system.

FORMAT: 1287x220x10 mm


Prestige also evolves and becomes Hydro, protects itself for 24 hours from water stagnation and changes its width (220 mm) as well as its thickness, 10 mm. Equipped with advanced interlocking TLS-PLUS and AC5 surface resistance, factors that make it one of the most technically advanced products of the SKEMA proposal.


FORMAT: 1287x198x8 mm


A collection that has always been a winning choice, with a wide range of proposals for any type of needs of residential and commercial spaces. Today five new wood-effect decors are introduced to update the proposal. Thanks to the Tecno Lock Plus locking system, the all-round bevels and the syncropore, Prestige Gold has remarkable technical performances.

FORMAT: 1288x328x8 mm



The new Living Syncro Plank is characterized by the endless effect of the planks. Thanks to the continuity of the decor on the two short sides, an optical effect is created between the planks, which gives depth and an “endless” effect to the floor. It is difficult to identify the gap between one plank and the other thanks to the accuracy and definition of the decors.  Equipped with bevels on two long sides, it comes in the size 1288x328x8mm in 6 new wood effect decors.


FORMAT: 1288x198x8 mm


As Facile+ is a smart and easy to lay flooring, it is perfect  to renovate and change quickly the appearance of houses, hotels, or shops. It is also one of the most variegate proposals of laminate surfaces, with twelve confirmed decors and the launch of eight new ones.

FORMAT: 1183x396x8 / 1184x601x8 mm

Vision Oxid Hydro collection proposes with its surface finishes Matt and Authentic the cement- and stone- like effects of the matter. MATT is homogeneously mat to enhance all the color shades. AUTHENTIC, that recreates a realistic matter effect at sight and touch, is renovated with the launch of three new decors with a “grit” effect.